Thursday, November 21, 2013

At Last!

Five weeks ago today, we signed the papers and took possession of our new 5th wheel trailer. Since then, we have moved everything from the old RV to the new one; driven 1,719 miles from Chanute, Kansas, to Mesa, Arizona; found where we stored most of our possessions in the new RV; bought a new truck and transferred all the extra equipment to it from the almost new old truck, and tried to get settled in our winter home.

Finally in the past few days, we feel we have been able to slow down and enjoy the life we have here in Arizona in the winter. Twice this week, we have spent time in the woodshop, getting started on our intarsia projects. Last night was the annual Welcome Home dinner for the returning snowbirds here at Valle Del Oro. They said 1,700 people were in attendance. The service was amazingly fast. We all went through 2 or 3 serving lines in less than 15 minutes. This shows just a small part of the crowd.

We had a great sunset.

Some of the folks line-danced to the three bands providing music around the area.

We had a good time. We also have taken time to enjoy the rose garden here in the resort. Fall and winter in Arizona are amazing.


  1. Have a great winter in Arizona,we will be picking the rig from St.Louis in June and exploring Missouri-Arkansas-Oklahoma ending the trip in Colorado Springs in October 2014.
    Thank you for your kind remarks on my blog.
    Best regards

  2. Yeah, you're getting to enjoy life and relax a bit. We arrived in Goodyear yesterday, rain started last night, something we haven't seen in over a month. Enjoy your winter digs!!

  3. Raining up here in Congress too. Don't float away.