Thursday, November 14, 2013

Everything's Coming Together

We had installed several add-ons to the truck we traded in on our new 3500 dually. Tuesday, we took the new truck back to the dealer to have those add-ons moved to the new truck. They took it to a local welding shop to have the work done. Yesterday afternoon, we were able to pick it up. They installed our tool box and 5th wheel hitch into the truck bed after putting in a spray-on bed liner.

They also moved the steps or running boards, making it much easier to climb into the truck. Without the steps, getting in the truck involved a lot of upper body exertion.

We carry our bikes on a hitch on the front of our truck when we are towing the fifth wheel, so they moved the front receiver from one truck to the other.

We get lots of comments when we carry the bikes on the front of our truck. No, they don't block our view of the road or get in the way. But, why do we do it? Click here to learn our reasons.

We are glad all the parts of our truck have come together again. Maybe (?) we can start to relax and play. Do you think so?


  1. It is always fun to add new stuff to the truck or trailer,we too enjoy like kids doing it ,now you can sit back relax and have fun with your new toys.

  2. Looking good, running boards are a must as far as I'm concerned. When we give up the 2nd truck I drive we'll have to look into a front receiver for the bikes don't know what we'll do with the Old Town canoe though. I do think it's time for you to relax and play.

  3. Good idea...I think we should do that too!!!