Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Finally, we know what our new home will look like.  We are certain that it is being built.  And we like it.  Why is this so important?  We purchased our last three 5th-wheel trailers after walking through numerous models and deciding what we wanted.  We knew what we were getting and what it looked like.  This time, we read good things about Mobile Suites RVs and we briefly looked at a couple in Mesa last winter.  We like the fact we could get one that was only 34 feet long.  Our Montana is 36 feet long and Montana doesn't have anything even that short in their line today.  Plus, with Mobile Suites, we could order a unit with whatever modifications we wanted--changes in floor covering, refrigerator, window shades;  extra electrical outlets and an extra window, to name a few.  But we had never seen a trailer with the floor plan we were ordering.  We only had a brochure of the 2012 models and we were ordering a 2014.  So, today was very important.

Here it is.

Note, it still has to be painted. It is inside the factory, with workers, tools and equipment all over. Lots of details and parts are missing. But we know what it looks like. These are photos of the kitchen and dining area.

I am especially excited about the pantry.

Here is the living room area. We will not have the couch. We are replacing it with two recliners. We don't know, yet, if we will use our Laz-y-boys or use the chairs that Mobile Suites provides.

The front closet it very large. And the corner shower is different from what we have now.

The storage area under the bed is large.

We can't forget the basement. There is a large storage compartment and a built-in reel for the electric cord. All water lines are labeled and each line can be individually shut off, if needed.

Our time at the factory today was very important.


  1. Is that a FIREPLACE?!?! And where's the RV? Thanks for the pictures. Ron and I inspected everything. Even as a non-cook, I love the kitchen. Although, then I guess I would have to cook. Congratulations! When's the big day again?

  2. I do not have a better words than "BEAUTIFUL & GOOD LUCK",nothing better than to have something you wanted-enjoy it