Saturday, March 09, 2013

Friends and Weather

We have lived almost our entire lives in Colorado. Many Colorado residents find they are frequent hosts to out-of-state visitors who want to explore our wonderful state. But almost all of our family lives there, so we didn't have many visitors. Since going on the road full-time, we try to spend some time in our home state each year and we see family and friends. But most of those people are about the same age we are. It seems everyone wants to escape the cold weather and come to Arizona at least part of every winter. So today, we see more friends here than we see in Colorado in the summer.

Friday we met our friend Sharon and her friend June at Chompies Deli in Phoenix for lunch.

That is a busy, busy restaurant but they were very patient as we sat in our booth for almost two hours, catching up on each others lives. We had good food and even better conversation.

A cold front came through Arizona Thursday night and it doesn't leave till tomorrow. We have had over an inch of rain here in Mesa, as well as strong winds. The local vegetation doesn't often get a lot of moisture and the cacti have shallow roots. Look at what happened to this cactus overnight in this weather.

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  1. We heard there was a lot of rain while we were gone. Ron's lettuce and carrots survived fine. I wouldn't want to clean up that cactus.