Friday, March 01, 2013

More Desert and Sunshine

Thursday, we took another hike in the desert. This time is was the Pass Mountain Trail at Usery Mountain Park. The desert there is incredibly green and lush.

There was bright green lichen on the rocks.

We had lots more sunshine, both from above, as you can see from John's shadow here

and on the Pass Mountain hillsides, which had lots of poppies.

Of course, John had to take a picture of me taking pictures of all those flowers.

It was a great hike, but we were really, really tired by the end. We are delighted that we can, at this age, still complete a 7-mile hike. But we sure don't want to do it very often.


  1. I love the blue sky, the green cactus and the yellow flowers. so colorful!

  2. We just walked our tour route of 5 miles,but your scenery is much more diverse!!! I love the barrel cactus, the ocotillo, and the saguaros. Those poppies really add color.