Sunday, March 03, 2013

They've Got Talent

As I have said before, snowbirds come south to avoid cold, wet weather. And they are seniors who come here to play. Our "55+ active adult" resort has numerous craft shops, in addition to multiple sports opportunities. Saturday there was the 2013 Arts and Crafts Show. And let me tell you, we are surrounded by lots of people with incredible talent.

Look at the stained glass:

There were lots of woodworking projects, including intarsia. This is a fairly simple piece.

This one is incredible. Would you believe, none of this wood is stained. Different kinds of wood were used, chosen by what color they would be when varnished.

Members of the photography club produce excellent pictures.

Isabel's RV is just down the row from ours. I really like her horsehair ceramic deer.

There were items from the leather craft shop.

And projects made in the lapidary and lost-wax silversmith rooms.

Pine needle basket weaving is really interesting.

I had heard about zipper art, but didn't have any idea what it was. Turns out, they used the teeth from zippers to outline their art. It is really pretty.

There were also model planes

and a pinewood derby track.

This carved wooden Gamble's Quail looks like it could walk right out the door, it is so realistic.

This pottery project is amazing.

And the women in the sewing room produce beautiful quilts.

This blog is getting way too long, but there were so many other outstanding creations, here is a slide show of more talented seniors' projects.


  1. Wow... some people are sooo talented... not me. I really love the wood working.

  2. Wonderful artistic crafts. So many reflect the Southwest.

  3. I thought you might enjoy this blog of photo by a woman crossing Canada. I looked at them all and loved the variety of subjects she chose.

  4. I see you have a few more crafts to try out next year.