Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today Was a First

For the first time, ever, we paid someone else to wash and polish our rig. In the past, we have done that ourselves. And to be honest, we (actually, John) have polished the front cap, but we don't remember ever polishing the whole RV. About the best we have done was for John to wash it and I would dry it off so the hard water wouldn't leave spots.

Last October, we did that again. But the bending required to scrub the roof, which followed on John's curling up to get pine cones out of the underbelly of the rig, led to a herniated disc in John's back. We decided all the pain and limits on his mobility really weren't worth doing it ourselves.

So, today we had Vega's RVWash come wash and wax the whole RV. Our neighbors had them clean their rig a month or so ago and were very pleased. They did an excellent job for us, today. In fact, the owner called later and said he would return tomorrow with some special cleaner to work on some hard-water spots and tar his workers couldn't clean up. It was definitely worth the cost.

On another note, we have never stayed here in Mesa through the first months of the year. We may be in the middle of the larger city and in a city-like resort, but we are treated morning and evening to a lot of bird calls from the cactus wrens, mourning doves, curved-bill thrashers and Gila woodpeckers. We love it.

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