Friday, March 29, 2013


Come Monday, we will join the mass exodus of snowbirds to points north. We arrived in Mesa in early October and watched people coming for the winter. They came in dibs and dabs through Thanksgiving, then a steady flow through Christmas. The real flood was between Christmas and mid-January. Now, there is a steady flow of people leaving. And Monday, the day after Easter, will be a flood. They even let us pay our bill today, without waiting through the weekend to see how much electricity we use the last couple of days.

We will return to Mesa in October, when the worst of the summer heat is gone.

Our travels will take us north to Camp Verde, Prescott, Williams and the Grand Canyon during the first half of April. Then we will head east to Winslow and into New Mexico to Santa Fe and Raton. April 28, we plan to report to Mueller State Park where we will volunteer for 5 months this summer. We are looking forward to our summer in the Colorado Mountains. But we are spending April acclimating to higher elevations so we can function at Mueller's 9,000 ft altitude.

We continue to see signs of spring or summer here in Mesa. Earlier this week, we spotted this flock of flamingos near the pool.

And someone had a pig shipped from Iowa for a pig roast. If you look closely at the second photo, you can see the pig inside the roaster.

We are enjoying more blooming cactus.

And the rose garden is in full bloom.


  1. What will y'all be doing at Mueller State Park? Safe travels and have fun!!!

  2. safe travels. love the catus pictures... we still have lots of snow... but spring is coming..

  3. Sorry to see you go and sorrier we didn't spend more time together. Next year we should go to the Riparian Institute. Have a good trip and a great summer.