Monday, February 11, 2013

Recent Activities

I don't know what happened to our warm Arizona weather, but it is cold outside in Mesa. At noon, the temperature was 44 and right now, my phone says it is 39. Brrrr. Not wanting any outside activity this morning, we packed up all our intarsia wood and went to the woodshop. According to Wikipedia, "Intarsia is a form of wood inlaying that is similar to marquetry." We spread out on one of the work benches.

We intend to take a class in March, but we bought a book with instructions and patterns and are practicing now. We may have to unlearn some bad habits, but we will have developed some skills, as well. Today, we used various sanders to smooth out the parts we cut last week. I also did some work with John's Dremel. It is a really neat tool.

We have many boxes of old photographs in storage in Colorado. We want to select the important ones and copy them to our computer, then get rid of the rest. I brought one box with us in October and have finally gotten around to working with them. At first, I used our scanner. When I scan at 800dpi, it takes 2 minutes per picture. I had read about using my camera to copy old photos in a post by Geeks on Tour. I found the article and started using that method. It is much faster.

Last week, we had beautiful weather, so we decided to finally try out bocce ball.

In past years, I have posted pictures of two figures that one of the residents here put out to depict snowbird life in Arizona. Since we haven't been here in February, we hadn't seen this pose.

Whatever the weather, we seem to find plenty to do.

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  1. you have the right idea. keep moving not matter what the weather thows at you. sorry to hear about the cool weather. it will change!