Sunday, February 24, 2013

Gathering with Neighbors

Colorado neighbors, that is. Today was the Colorado Day gathering at our resort. Each state or region of the country, as well as Canada, have parties for the people from that area that are staying here. This is the first year we have stayed after the first of the year, so we have not attended Colorado Day before. There are 1700 spaces in the resort and probably 2500+ people here right now. People come from all the snowy, rainy parts of the continent. Canada day is the largest, since all the provinces go together. Today there were nearly 100 people for the event. And we know that three RVs on our street are from Colorado and they didn't attend. Obviously, many more could have come. Here is everyone, waiting for dinner of pulled pork or chick sandwiches, potatoes, baked beans, coleslaw and cake.

The resort was built 30 years ago and two residents who first came in 1983 told us some of the history of this place. It was good to connect with some of our neighbors.

Earlier in the week, southern Arizona got snow! The following day, I took some pictures of snow on the Superstition Mountains. That was pretty.

John appreciated all the comments and wishes for his birthday. He says he is over the trauma, now, and moving on toward 80.

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