Monday, February 04, 2013

Caution--Seniors Playing

This is our resort's 30th anniversary and today there was a big celebration--a carnival! It was a combination casino trip, amusement park and carnival. To play, each person had to buy $10 for carnival cash. We skipped that purchase and just checked out the activities and the seniors at play.

We watched the Goofy Triathlon: participants ran with a tennis ball between their knees

and carried water to fill a gallon jug

and rode miniature bikes with a tennis ball under their chin.

This is the cash cube, where you paid for the opportunity to catch as much carnival cash as possible as it blew around inside the cube.

The Golf Cart Obstacle Course was fun to watch. The driver was blindfolded and their partner told them when to turn right or left or go straight (or back up when things went wrong).

Sometimes the cones got in the way.

Clara tried pointing with her hand in the director the driver should go. I'm not sure if she gave verbal directions or not, as they went all over the place.

There were classic cars on display.

You could have your picture drawn.

Or pan for gold

Lots of cute decorations.

Even old folks can wear balloon hats.

John gave Bubbles a hug.

And I spent some time with the balloon artist.

We had a fun morning without spending a dime.

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  1. That is quite a celebration. Looks like everybody had a blast.