Monday, February 18, 2013

A Great Surprise

Saturday, this convertible pulled up in front of our RV.

Our younger son, Eric, had flown down from Littleton over President's Day Weekend, as a surprise birthday present for his dad. I knew he was coming, but was able to keep the visit a secret. John was truly surprised--and delighted!

Sunday, Eric drove us to church.

We grabbed a sandwich after church, then visited the Desert Botanic Gardens in Phoenix. Eric is a science teacher, so he really enjoyed reading about the desert plants.

I didn't take many pictures of cacti, since we have been there before. But this variety is really interesting.

In addition to the natural vegetation, the gardens have two art exhibits. There are the Four Seasons "Monumental, earthy and exuberant sculptures" by artist Philip Haas. I thought they were neat.

On the other hand, there were 18 steel and fabric sculptures by Carolina Escobar, titled Whispers of a New World, that are described as organic sculptures in vibrant colors and shapes inspired by nature. We thought they looked more like internal organs and we weren't impressed. Here are a few. What do you think?

We used the timer on my camera to take a family photo.

Eric brought three rib-eye steaks from Tony's Market in Littleton, our favorite specialty food store there, for his dad's birthday dinner. They were outstanding! We talked and talked and talked Saturday evening and all day Sunday. What fun.

We were all up at 4 this morning and Eric left at 4:30 to catch a 7 am flight out of Sky Harbor Airport. It was such a great visit and John really felt blessed by Eric's visit.


  1. Happy Birthday John, glad you had a wonderful surprise!

  2. Well, happy birthday to John and that was really a great surprise!