Thursday, October 27, 2011

Great Service

This afternoon, John replaced the regulator on the curb-side propane tank of our RV. For months, we have smelled propane whenever the tank was turned on. We tried spraying the tank and its connections with a soap solution, but never saw any bubbles. We switched the tanks, but no matter which tank we put there, we still smelled gas. Since we weren't anywhere we could get the problem diagnosed, we just turned that tank off and only used the street-side tank--meaning we made more frequent trips to the propane dealer.

This week, we stopped at RV Traders, a Montana dealer in Mesa that has a great parts and supply department. Daniel, the store manager, has helped us before and is very knowledgeable. He showed us a replacement regulator that is for higher pressure control, but suggested first we get the local propane service to test the system. Since that company was making deliveries in our park yesterday, we arranged for them to fill our tank and told the driver we were going to have their service department come and check out our problem. He used a soap solution and showed us where the problem was--the regulator that Daniel had suggested we get replaced.

So today, we returned to RV Traders and picked up the regulator. Every time we have needed help with parts or supplies here in Arizona, we have gone there and really appreciate the great service--and great prices--in the parts store. We highly recommend them and appreciate Daniel's expertise.

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  1. Great! ... hope I can remember this place by the time we get on the road... and when we get around to Arizona :)