Saturday, October 01, 2011

It's History!

Are we ever glad that September 2011 is history! We did almost nothing but work last month. The first week included the Labor Day Weekend, our last as volunteers at Lathrop State Park and a busy one.

We came to Denver (really Aurora and Littleton) for medical and dental appointments. The first couple of weeks included lab tests, a follow-up visit to my knee surgeon, a colonoscopy for John, physical exams for both of us, dentist appointments for both of us, a return to the doctor so John could have some spots burned off his ears and hand, a visit to a dermatologist to verify he had no skin problems.

Then there was all the time we spent on our "stuff." Last week, we loaded up the items we wanted to keep in our U-Haul storage unit. There really wasn't too much.

However, to get it in, we had to rent a slightly larger storage unit, moving from a 5 ft by 5 ft unit to one 5 ft by 10 ft. This is the smaller unit, after we got everything out.

We moved everything into the hall outside the new unit.

Then we stopped for a bit of lunch.

Here is one end of the storage unit, full of stuff.

The the other half, also full.

Then we had the big load to deal with.

We loaded it into the rental truck. We did it so fast, we think maybe we should hire out as movers.

I swept out the space we rented to do our sorting.

And we drove out with our "stuff," headed for the auction house and our son, Eric's home.

John backed the truck up to the auction house.

With help of one of the staff there, everything was quickly unloaded.

We then made a quick trip to Goodwill with the items the auction house didn't want, then we returned the rental truck. We were done! And exhausted! When we left there, we felt free. Everything we own is in our truck, our RV home and the 5 X 10 storage unit. And the only furniture we own is the two recliners in our 5th wheel.

We did take a couple of hours out last weekend to walk across the road at Chatfield State Park to have dinner with some friends from St. Gabriel's.

Cursillo is a weekend Christian renewal retreat that is conducted in many denominations. John and I made our Cursillo in the mid-1970s and have encouraged others to go ever since then. The three-day retreat is then lived out in the 4th Day, the rest or our lives. At St. Gabriel's, a group of women has been holding a weekly 4th Day Reunion for prayer and mutual support since the mid-1990s. I was a part of the group while John was rector of the church.

The Friday cookout last weekend was a potluck for the women of that group. Four husbands, who have also made their Cursillo, were also invited.

As you can see, we ate well and had a good time.

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  1. I can see why you're glad to have all that behind you! Now for the fun!