Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inside Updates

In the past couple of weeks, we have made some changes/improvements inside our RV home. When we visited the new IKEA store in Denver, we saw some comforters that were light weight. We had a striped comforter that worked for us when it was cold, but as the weather warmed up it was in the way. We might need it by early morning, but earlier in the night it was a huge lump in the middle of the bed. So we replaced it with a 365-day set of two comforters from IKEA. They are plain white.

We have the light-weight one on now. We can scrunch it into the middle of the bed early on, then cover up when the temps get down in the 60s. When we were in New Mexico and the nighttime temps got down into the low 40s or 30s, the heavier one was great. The photo shows the lighter one on the bed and the heavier one rolled up in the carrying case. Both fit in there at the same time if you work at it. They will snap together so you can use them both at once. We probably won't need that unless we run out of propane some night next year on our trip to Alaska.

We didn't think the plain white was very attractive, and it would probably get dirty pretty quick with all we put on the bed at times. So we went looking for a king-size sheet to use as a bed spread. I don't know what people do who keep the fancy spreads that come in RVs. Where do they put them at night? But a sheet is light enough to leave in place or small enough to fold up in a corner of the bedroom. Pretty fancy for an $18 set from Ross, don't you think?

We must be awfully hard on chairs. After all, the recliners are the only place we have to sit in the RV, except for the folding chairs at the table. We got rid of the couch. We put this trailer in storage about one month after we bought it. Before leaving the following January, we bought some recliners from American Furniture Warehouse. The only photo I can find is this one--note the footstool is upside down in the chair and both cats are on it. Most of the time, because of the affection our elderly cats had for the chairs, they were covered with a sheet or with plastic.

We used those chairs until November 2009, when we bought some really nice Lane Furniture recliners.

These chairs were comfortable, luxurious, and largely cat-proof. But by this summer, we realized that the constant use quickly wore down the stuffing in the seats and our backs were hurting. So much for expensive chairs.

This week we bought two more recliners, these from Copenhagen Imports in Tempe. They are less expensive, so if they only last a couple of years, we won't feel as bad. And they take up a lot less room and weigh less.


  1. Looks fantastic and comfortable, it is always nice and fun to get improvements.

  2. The sheet on the bed looks fantastic...

  3. Your changes look great. I'm glad we're not the only ones who are hard on chairs. Our problem is we can't find any replacements small enough to fit in our Class C. I think we will just get these reupholstered and better seat foam put in them.