Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reading the Newspaper

Growing up in Denver, I remember my parents subscribing to the Denver Post. It was an evening paper and every night after dinner, my mom and dad would sit at the table and read the paper. Sometimes they would talk about what they were reading.

My own interest in newspapers began in 9th grade when my English teacher, Miss Mapelli, had me help produce the Byers Juniior High student newspaper. In high school, I was on the staff of the South High School newspaper. I went on to the University of Colorado, where I majored in journalism and was on the staff of the Colorado Daily.

I worked for a couple of newspapers and in the CU News Service during and after college. But I really don't remember much about reading the daily papers until after our two sons grew up. John and I subscribed to both the Post and the Rocky Mountain News. By then, the Post had become a morning paper, so John read the News and I read the Post. I enjoyed reading the paper in the morning while I ate my breakfast before I went to work.

Our gypsy lifestyle doesn't lend itself to subscribing to a local newspaper most of the time. Even though we were in Colorado all summer, the Post is no longer circulated throughout the state, except by mail.
So we didn't see it. Add to that the fact that many newspapers are going out of print. The Rocky Mountain News is one of those. However, it is possible to get home delivery of the Arizona Republic while we are here at Valle del Oro. I subscribed for Sunday and Wednesday delivery and today we received our first copy.

For over an hour before we got ready for church, we both happily sat and read the paper. What a treat! Reading the news on my computer just isn't the same. No way could I sit for an hour or more, savoring stories that begin on page 1, continue on page 12 and 13. So we will enjoy this while we can.

Sorry, no pictures today. I have been too busy reading.

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