Tuesday, November 01, 2011

More Connections and Hobbies

Saturday we connected with someone we hadn't seen in probably 36 years, Bryan Ruth. Bryan is a family friend who was working at the Castle Rock funeral home when we bought it in late 1975. He got in touch with John by email after the class reunion in August. Since he lives in Scottsdale, we met him and his wife, Susan, at Famous Dave's BBQ this weekend.

It was amazing to learn how many things in his life were similar to John's. We really had a great time getting re-acquainted.

Unlike the times we volunteer or travel, the time we spend parked for three months here in Mesa allows us to concentrate on our hobbies. Over the past week, I sewed a skirt for myself. I have never carried a skirt in the RV, but since this is all we own now, I thought it might be a good idea if I had at least one. And I enjoyed refreshing my skills in sewing.

I learned to sew in junior high home economics and sewing was one of my 4-H projects for five or six years. I used to be fairly accomplished and made many of my own clothes, as well as things for our boys and two or three sleeping bags. But the last time I used my sewing machine to do more than hem or mend was in December 2008 when Kylie wanted to learn how to sew. This fall she is taking sewing as part of middle school home ec.

John has been doing a lot of wood carving since we got settled in Mesa. He had also carved while we were at Lathrop.

There are lots of opportunity to learn new hobbies and skills here at Valle del Oro. Today I spent time in the pottery studio, something I learned a little last year. Many of the people here work in stained glass in a way we hadn't seen before. They cut the colored glass in patterns then, instead of putting it together in a window with lead or copper foil, they put it in a concrete form. The resulting disks are used to decorate their yards. Some people choose Southwestern themes.

Some choose a design that reminds them of home.

Others use an animal motif.

Whatever they choose, the results are very attractive and durable.

Exercise is one of our hobbies. John runs 3 miles 3 times a week and we weight train 3 days a week. Monday I was able to run about three miles. I am almost afraid to write about it, because every time I have blogged about my progress since my surgery, I have had to eat the words in a day or two. Maybe this time, I really am on the mend.

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