Thursday, May 19, 2011

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is another New Mexico town we have visited a number of times. It is fun and interesting. This is a market that has probably existed here for centuries--after all, this city was established in 1610.

And here is the other end of the spectrum, a shopping area that is new and modern and shiny--but many of the shops inside were empty.

I know the altitude in Santa Fe is pretty high for a lot of visitors, but is this really necessary?

We almost never go out to eat, but we did that four times during out stay in New Mexico. In Santa Fe we went to the La Fonda Hotel.

John enjoyed a chicken burrito and my chile rellenos were excellent.

Several of the major hotels had these neat shuttles for their customers.

Several statues surround the Cathedral of St. Francis. This one depicts Don Diego de Vargas Zapata, who reestablished the town of Santa Fe after the 1680 Pueblo revolt.

This one shows the various groups of people and the livestock that are important to New Mexico.

And this is St. Francis Dancing on Water.

We explored a delightful courtyard that contained a restaurant and a wonderful garden.

The courtyard was inside this very old building.

We had heard on the evening TV news that Santa Fe has a real problem with street people and panhandlers. Here are a few hanging out on the plaza.

Look at the top of this building!

Even the manhole covers in Santa Fe are interesting.

We passed a store that sells old doors. I really wonder where they found all of them. They aren't your typical household doors.

For a different perspective, look at this motorcycle.


  1. We loved N.M and Santa Fe,enjoy the stay and have a great summer.

  2. I can't get over how good that food looks! I want it now! I'm hungry! You guys make me want to really be fulltime RVing, I mean traveling all around, having adventures. That is one thing I have learned this past year and a half. I like the lifestyle best when we're on a new adventure.