Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Last Wednesday we arrived at Lathrop State Park and quickly got settled in the same site we were in the past two summers. This is a photo from last summer.

Like normal, we leveled the trailer, hooked up the utilities, put out the slides, then started to do things inside the RV. Because the site only had 30-amp electric, we used a adapter that combines the 30-amp with a 20-amp connection to provide something like a 50-amp connection. Because we know that doesn't provide a true 50-amp connection, I plugged in the volt meter so we could monitor the electricity. Unfortunately, every time I turned anything on, the volt meter dived to about 110 volts--not enough to safely operate any of our appliances.

We quickly found Dave, the head of Maintenance here, to help us find out what was wrong. He tested all sorts of things and couldn't locate the problem. He promised to return the next morning and install a 50-amp power pole. We agreed to used our generators for power over night.

Thursday Dave and Byran and Justin put in this new power pedestal.

When the installation was complete, we again turned on an appliance. Same thing happened--not enough volts. So Dave and Byran checked out the power at the pole.

They still couldn't find what the problem was. Byran, who lives in the house next door, did tell Dave things weren't right in the house, either.

We were told to move to a site in the campground that has full hook-ups while Dave tired to fix the problem. So, we put everything away, moved the trailer less than a mile and set up again. Darn.

Thankfully, the local power company was called out and when the problem was explained to them, they said "That is something wrong on our side." They rewired something simple in the electrical feed and everything is OK. Yea.

Yesterday, we moved back into the site we love and all is well. Thanks, Dave. So we are back to the work of cleaning fire pits, as well as setting up the camp store to open over Memorial Day weekend.

This year we have a small dump truck to clean fire pits. This is how much we picked up this week--it accumulated since last fall.

And there it all goes, into the pit for later burial.

It looks like everything will be fine for the summer. We're glad. And it sure is fun to empty that dump truck!

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