Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We Haven't Twiddled Our Thumbs

We certainly haven't twiddled our thumbs while we wait in Klamath Falls for our trailer to be repaired. On Saturday we attended the Blues Festival in downtown Klamath Falls, on the shore of Lake Ewauna. We try to attend local festivals whenever we can, so we were delighted something was scheduled for that day. The entry fee was $15 per person, pretty high when you consider we aren't really fans of blues music. However, part of the proceeds benefit the local VFW and we thought that was worthwhile. We enjoyed watching the performers and we noticed that most of those attending looked like aging hippies or long-haired Viet Nam War vets.

On Sunday we attended the 10:30 am service at St. Paul's Episcopal Church here in town. The congregation was one of the friendliest we have met in a long time and we enjoyed the worship, the music and the sermon. In the evening we shared a glass of wine and good conversation with our neighbors in the RV park, Dave and Iris from Grand Junction, Colorado. When we are on the road, we often go many days without connecting to others. We are delighted when we encounter people we can enjoy.

Monday we drove to the Collier Logging Museum, about 20 miles north of Klamath Falls. We saw and learned a lot about logging in Oregon during our stay at Gnat Creek Hatchery near Astoria. All around us we saw the effects of the December 2007 blowdown and we started watching the TV program "Axe Man." All that helped us understand a lot of what we saw at the museum. They have so many pieces of old equipment for logging and road grading there.

Tuesday we biked 16 miles on the Oregon, California and Eastern bike trail. The old railroad right-of-way has been converted by the Oregon State Parks into a bike trail. It begins about one mile from our RV park.

This is the "tattle-tale" bridge (why is it called that?) where we started on the O C and E Woods Trail.

Here I am at Olene, the community where the paved trail ends.

We biked the 7+ miles of paved trail, then returned. It has been over two and one-half months since we last biked, so we were pretty tired when we got back to the RV. After lunch we did our shopping—groceries, fuel, liquor and cat food. We buy prescription cat food for PC, our diabetic cat. So I called the Klamath Falls Animal Clinic, who advertise in the brochure for our RV park, and found they carry PC's food. We went in with a copy of the prescription for the food and picked up two cases. That may get us back to our house in Colorado.

Today we were ready for some down time. In addition to all I have described, we have run 9 miles and weight trained two mornings since we discovered the RV landing gear wouldn't work. After our run today, we both wanted to sit around as much as possible. John worked on his carving; I printed pictures for the scrapbook and did the laundry. We also played some gin rummy.

The part for our RV still hasn't been delivered. The repair shop says the UPS tracking website reports it is enroute and due tomorrow. We certainly hope it arrives then. We would like to be on our way south.

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