Friday, September 19, 2008

Like Night and Day


        We are no longer sitting in Klamath Falls, waiting for someone to repair the landing gear on our RV.  Last Friday, we discovered it wasn't working and we called Mike's RV, a repair facility listed in the brochure at our RV park.  When we described what had happened, Mike said it was probably the gears that were stripped.  After we determined the manufacturer, Mike talked to a Keystone dealer in Colorado, who called Keystone in Indiana, leaving a voice mail.  By the end of the day, we learned the part was ordered and it would be shipped on Monday.  We had told Mike several times we would pay for overnight shipping.


        Since we were stuck in Klamath Falls, we found things to do and ways to explore the area till at least Tuesday.  If the parts were shipped overnight Monday, it should arrive Tuesday.  Right?  On Monday we learned it had been shipped that day, second day air.  It sounded like it should arrive Tuesday.  Mike said he expected it Tuesday or Wednesday.


        On Wednesday we talked to Mike and he said he had traced the package, which was shipped second day air, but UPS said it would be delivered Thursday.  We asked if he would bring it to the RV park and install it as soon as it arrived.  He assured us he would.


        At about 2:30 Thursday, when we had heard nothing from Mike, we decided to drive to his business and check on it.  We had been praying for days for God's help in solving this problem.  He answered our prayers when we drove out there.  We walked in the door and asked for Mike.  His wife, the receptionist, reported he was gone for the weekend on a hunting trip.  We were dumbfounded.  She said she thought our part had arrived that day.  When we asked who would install it if Mike wasn't there, she said, "Oh, the mechanic can do that.  But it will have to be today.  He doesn't work tomorrow."  Our response was, "We expect it to be done today."


        Right then the mechanic came back from lunch.  When we made it clear we had been waiting seven days to get the landing gear fixed, he agreed to come out and install the gears.  Less than an hour later, he was at our trailer.  But what he found was that the gears weren't the problem.  Mike had never come to check out the problem so he hadn't seen that the motor mount for the landing gear was broken.


        Tom, the mechanic, was the first person who really cared about our problem.  He couldn't really fix it, but he did jerry-rig a fix so we could drive to a proper repair facility.  We were so grateful when we were able to hook up the trailer before he left.  We had spent $235.63 in RV park charges, waiting for the part that wasn't needed. 


        All of this has been the night experience.  Friday we saw daylight.  While Tom was doing the temporary fix, I located Montana RV dealers in Redding and Sacrament, California.  As we drove out this morning, I called the dealer in Redding and they had the part we needed.


        We arrived at Cousin Gary's RV as 10:30 am.  By noon the landing gear and some other minor problems had been repaired and our extended warranty company had been contacted.  They covered the repair of the landing gear. 


        Seven days versus one and one-half hours.  And the people in Redding really care about serving their customers. 


        You can believe Mike will hear from us on Monday when he returns from hunting.  So will the local newspaper, Chamber of Commerce, and Better Business Bureau.


        We found a number of interesting and fun things to do in Klamath Falls.  But now we don't feel we can take time to hike in Lassen Volcanic National Park or visit Reno, Nevada, as we head south, after this one-week delay. 


        We thank God for leading us to visit Mike's at the right time Thursday and for leading us to Cousin Gary's in Redding.  Our prayers have been answered and there are good people out there, serving their customers.  We are blessed when we find them. 


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