Sunday, September 21, 2008

This Is Getting Old

Saturday morning we left Redding feeling really good that our trailer had been repaired and everything was working correctly. When we started to unhitch and set up in Chowchilla, I pushed the button to raise the trailer off the truck and we heard strange noises. Guess what? The motor mount for the landing gear broke again! We decided to make an appointment with the Fresno Montana dealer, about 40 miles from here, for Monday. Their service department is closed on Saturdays. So instead we found a dealer in Morgan Hill, on Highway 101 near the coast, that could give us a Monday morning appointment.

Obviously, the motor mount wasn't the only problem. Hopefully,

tomorrow they will find the underlying problem and we can safely travel on our way. We have changed our plans. We will explore the California coast as we travel south, instead of visiting the National Parks along I-5.

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  1. Here's hoping ya'll get it all fixed up!! Happy night sweetie!hughugs