Saturday, September 27, 2008

Again We Wait

But this time we don't mind. On Tuesday we ordered a new trailer. We have been talking about it for a year. We bought a new truck last December so we could pull a new, larger and heavier 5th wheel. We planned to wait till 2009, but our recent repair problems, as well as the depressed state of RV sales, led us to do some shopping. We knew exactly the model Montana we wanted.

We looked while we were in Bend, Oregon, but they didn't offer us a price we thought was good enough. This week, we went shopping at Alpine RV in Morgan Hill, where our current repair work is being done. After an hour or so, we reached a deal that was really good, so we placed the order, and now we wait—till sometime next week when the brand new unit arrives from the factory. We are so excited! This is what it will look like on the outside.

Today was a really fun way to wait. We drove to Monterey, California. What a beautiful place! We ate a great lunch at the Old Fisherman's Grotto on Old Fisherman's Warf. John had fish and chips, I had a sourdough clam chowder bowl.

We enjoyed seeing the fishing boats,

the private sail boats

the pelicans

and the sea gulls.

As we arrived, some local people were distributing food and supplies to a group of homeless people. We don't know where these people spend the night, but they must know to expect food and help at the same place each morning.

It is harvest time in this part of California. We aren't seeing hay and wheat harvested as much as various vegetables. We aren't always sure what we see growing, but today we saw artichokes being harvested and probably tomatoes and peppers. It is so different from what we are used to. In the past week or so, we have also seen fields of cotton and romaine lettuce

Today we drove through a grove of eucalyptus trees and enjoyed the typical California landscape of brown grass and green trees. We also saw some cows—are they the happy cows that produce good cheese?

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  1. These are wonderful pictures sweetie! And I So happy for you! The 5th wheel looks fantastic and I imagine, with the economy being what it is, you Did get a great deal. Happy Waiting! Hope to see inside pictures of you new one...we've been thinking of doing the same...Happy day!hughugs