Sunday, September 07, 2008

Deer and Frogs

We spent the last six days at the Crooked River Ranch RV Park in Terrebonne, OR, just north of Redmond. Arriving on Labor Day, the park wasn't crowded and everyone there was older and childless. It was so quiet and we had a great site. What we most enjoyed was the wildlife. Early each morning when we walked outside, cottontail rabbits bounded away in all directions. And a small herd of deer lived in the park. We could watch them eating mornings and evenings.

It seemed they grew more comfortable with the campers each day and this morning all seven were quite near our trailer. I was able to photograph them while I stood outside.

And through the rear window of the RV.

What a treat! We spent two months at the White River Wildlife Area and only once had a deer in our yard. On our morning runs, we saw deer tracks, but never the deer. Then we moved to a commercial park and saw them each day.

What we did see often at White River, in addition to the cows and the diggers, were small frogs. This is the best photo I got of them. It was sitting on John's chair next to the RV.

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