Monday, September 02, 2019

Visiting and Helping Family

Our visits to the Denver area each year are centered mainly on seeing family.  This year that visit included a lot of work.

First we went to our son Eric's home for dinner on their back patio.

We also met them at the Cherry Creek State Park shooting range.  Here are John and our grandson John shooting.

Then we all came to our trailer for lunch.  When you travel in an Airstream, having friends for a meal means eating outside.

A few days later, the work began.  Eric and Liz, Kylie and John are moving to a new home.  It is exciting and it also is a lot of work.  They have been packing boxes for weeks.  The closing was to be on Aug. 30 so Eric and Liz both scheduled a day off from their work as teachers to attend the closing and begin the move.  Then the moving company announced they would pick up the furniture a day early.

Eric asked if we could help and we said yes.  I went to supervise the movers and John took care of our scheduled move from Chatfield State Park to Cherry Creek State Park.

The movers had beds, like grandson John's bed,


and many other items to put in the moving van.

The dining room table was a big item.

Finally, the truck was almost full.

The movers closed up the truck and got inside to drive everything away.

When Eric, Liz and John came home, I joined them at Breckenridge Brewery for dinner.

We went to a motel for the night.

The next day, they went to the closing and I waited for John to come from our trailer to pick me up.  We met Eric and Liz at their beautiful new home and helped unpack. I obviously didn't take many photos at the new house.  I was too busy.  Here is the back yard.

This is a view of the back of the house and patio.

Granddaughter Kylie came home from college at the University of Houston to help with the move. Saturday we all ate lunch on the patio.

Since our legal address is Eric's home, we were very interested in where we are moving.  Now we know where our mail will be delivered before they ship it to us priority mail.

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