Monday, September 09, 2019

Enjoying Flowers and Tiny Trees

We love trees and flowers so a visit to the Denver Botanical Gardens Bonsai Bonanza was a no-brainer.  They offered lectures on how to train bonsai trees.  We weren't interested in that but we did enjoy looking at the trees on display.

This small bonsai fig tree is 30 years old.  Look at the trunk!

After enjoying the bonsai exhibit, we walked through the outside gardens.  The variety of flowers and leaves in God's creation is amazing.

We saw several booths set up by local camera shops.

No surprise when we looked at all the people with impressive (and expensive) cameras, taking pictures in the gardens.

There are beautiful ponds

And more flowers.

This are just two of numerous coleus plants.  The variegated leaves are so pretty.

The two of us took almost 200 photos. Obviously, this is only a small selection.

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