Thursday, July 25, 2019

Ridgway State Park

From Rifle, we headed to Ridgway State Park, one of our favorites where we have stayed many times over the years.

Here is some of the scenery we saw along the way.

The San Juan mountains provide the backdrop for the park.

The Uncompahgre River flows through the park. This summer it is very full.  The river flows into Ridgway Reservoir. 

Fly fishing is a favorite activity on the river.

This is a great view of the San Juans beyond the reservoir.  We were parked in the Pa-co-chu-puk section of the park, below the day.

Nearby we saw an Indian tipi.  The Ute Indian Museum is nearby.

We really were there.

We saw some great sunsets.

One day we drove to Telluride, an old mining town west of Ridgway.  Look at this beautiful entry to one of the restored buildings there.

Along the way to Telluride, we passed through Saw Pit, a ghost town where my great grandfather lived around 1900.

There are flower boxes everywhere in town.  I think the air in Colorado's  high altitude mountain communities is just what helps the flowers to thrive. 

Loved this impressive building.  The beautiful door pictured above is in this building.

More flowers, these in baskets and boxes.

These flower container are in the center lane in downtown Telluride.

The hillsides along our drive are very attractive.

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