Thursday, September 13, 2018

Eating Out

We have traveled to every state in the continental United States, as well as several Canadian provinces, by RV. We rarely stay in hotels when we travel. We always have our own house parked somewhere close by. But we have been staying in hotels on this trip since August 30 and have 9 more nights to go, as of today, Sept. 11.

There are many good things about hotels—they are almost always clean and they often have more space than our 218 square-foot Airstream. Most of the beds are comfortable and we are usually close to many of the places we want to see. And while I was tired of cooking in the changing and limited kitchens, with limited spices, etc., that I had in the National Trust cottages, the biggest problem with living in hotels is "where do we eat lunch and dinner today?"

Breakfast has been available in each of the hotels. But we have to choose where to eat the other 2 meals of the day. Restaurant food is usually good and here there are pubs on almost every corner. But we can only eat chips or mash so many times without wanting some variety. Pub food is comfort food and high in calories. Neither of us brought clothing in larger sizes than needed when we left Arizona. We have to continue fitting in the same jeans we wore in mid-July.

We have eaten in numerous pubs, in Burger King and KFC and 5 Guys Burgers and Fries (yes, these chains and Pizza Hut are here in England). We enjoyed an Italian bistro. And we frequently turn to the take-away food at Tesco, McColls and Sainsbury. Their sandwiches are getting old. We have found BLTs are the closest to what we enjoy at home. Even then, what we call bacon they call prosciutto here. The bacon here is thicker, more like a ham slice. We sometimes choose a pre-made salad. We could get bags of salad greens and some tomatoes, but we would still need bowls, salad dressing and cutlery. These things take up too much room in our suitcases.

Neither of us can wait to get back to our own kitchen with food purchased at Bashas, Walmart or Frys and prepared by me.

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