Monday, September 10, 2018


During our 3 days in Bournemouth we just enjoyed the beautiful city. We never went anywhere in the car. We did pursue our favorite activity—we walked. Each day we try to walk 10,000 steps—about 5 miles. The town was so beautiful we ended up walking almost 40,000 steps or 20 miles, all in the central city.

The city's beaches on the English Channel consist of wide expanses of fine sand. They are very
beautiful and a very popular holiday location. Many restaurants, shops and take-away outlets are available, including lots of ice cream shops.

The next 2 photos show small storage areas owned or rented by beach lovers.  They keep their chairs and swimming gear in them.  Those in the second photo include a small platform where they can set out their beach chairs.

When we weren't walking along the beach, we explored the town's gardens. Long swaths of land through the central city hold well-manicured lawns and lovely flower beds. There are two universities in Bournemouth and the first day we saw many college-age people in the gardens. Classes must have started after that day so we saw lots of older couples out enjoying the beauty and sharing a picnic lunch.

We had planned to visit Bath and Salisbury during our time in the city but found train fares too expensive to make visits of only a few hours reasonable. It would have taken at least 3 hours and 45 pounds fare round trip to see Salisbury and 75 pounds and up to 4 ½ hours to see Bath. I wish I had planned a couple of days-stay in Bath, but since I didn't, we just enjoyed Bournemouth—very much.

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