Friday, June 08, 2018

Unusual sights along the way

There are lots of RVs, made by many manufacturers, modified in many ways. We are familiar with them from our 30 or so years of staying in RV parks and state park campgrounds. But once in a while, we see something new.

This small trailer is cute. In the past we have seen RV gatherings of units that have been restored and decorated by women with a taste for something out of the ordinary. I wonder if this unit has such an owner.

The name on the front of this trailer says "Terry Classic" but we have never seen something like this before so I wonder if it has been modified.

You just know this was once a bus in the city. It might have been one on 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver. Those free shuttles run up and down the pedestrian mall every few minutes. It's pretty long but it would take a lot of work to make it into something comfortable to live in. It did come with a bike rack on the front. Very convenient.

We've seen this bus conversion in both Chatfield State Park and Cherry Creek State Park. We know that either they didn't make reservations until late or didn't make them at all because every 2 days they are parked in a different site. Sometimes even a full park has a few sites available for a couple of days--if you are willing to wait in the registration office each time to see who has cancelled their reservation. This bus has electric but no water or sewer connection. There is always a large bucket by the water hookup so they can fill a container whenever they need it. I guess this is boondocking with electricity.

We had never seen a van that looked like this one. We don't know if it is homemade or some new manufacturer.

This teardrop looks like it is homemade. The black top is strung on like a well-secured tarp. It is really small.

Not all unusual sightings are RVs. This Jeep is owned either by a talented woman or a man with a girlfriend/wife who likes to crochet.

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