Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Old Haunts, Old Friends and Family

During our last couple of weeks in the Denver area, we visited old haunts, old friends and family. We drove to Longmont to visit Larry and Betty. Larry and John were Boulder policemen at the same time and we all lived in the same trailer park for a while.

We went to Fort Collins and had lunch with John’s sister Cindy.

We looked around Castle Rock where John grew up and we lived with our 2 sons and operated the funeral home. The funeral home looks good.

Our last day in the Denver area, Eric and Liz, Kylie and John brought dinner to us at Cherry Creek State Park. Leaving family is always the hardest part of our travels.

Then we were off to Grand County where we lived during the first years of John’s ministry. The scenery is stunning.

This is St. Anne’s Catholic Church in Grand Lake. The pastor was gracious enough to allow John’s ordination to be held there in 1987. During the summers we were in Grand County, John conducted a celebration of Holy Eucharist on Wednesdays there. The Catholic priest held their Sunday Granby service in our church in Granby.

Yesterday we hiked the Oahu Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park and today we drove to the top of Trail Ridge road in the park. It is the highest continuous road in the U.S. More great scenery.

Add to all of this, the temperature at 11,837 ft was a cool 61 degrees. In a month, we will be in our home in Arizona. The temperature there today was 108. Ouch.

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