Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Beautiful, Incredible Utah

Way back in 2003 we made our first trip into Utah--frankly not expecting much.  We soon found out there is so much variety and beauty in this state as you go from one area to another that we have been work camping volunteers in two different location--spending 5 months or more here--and visited again 2 or 3 times.

This year we came in on I-70 from Colorado.  The eastern edge of Utah isn't impressive there, but we have come from Green River on to Panguitch--near Bryce Canyon--and we have enjoyed nearly every turn in the road.  Just look at what we have seen.

As we left Green River this neat old dead tree stands in front of the landscape.

In the distance we could see the beginning of interesting rock formations and colors.

Sometimes the colors are muted beige and gray.

Then we saw green--ponderosa, pinyon and juniper.

This is called Ghost Rock.

A mixture of white and green.

And then, stunning Bryce Canyon.  We spent 3 months living in Bryce the first summer we did work-camping.  We love it and have returned several times since.  I will do a whole blog on this place.

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