Monday, August 28, 2017

Moving South

After our 4-day stay in Silt, we moved south to Ridgway State Park south of Montrose. I made this reservation months ago, knowing we needed to plan ahead for the Labor Day weekend. We will be here through that holiday. We have been surprised at how many Airstream trailers we see, now that we own one ourselves. Since we arrived at Ridgway there have been 2, 3 or 4 other Airstreams in the park. These units are iconic and people hold on to them for years and years. They are also popular trailers for people who are into trailer restoration. When we arrived we were parked next to this very old Airstream. It looks like some modifications over the years and the rear stabilizer is something we had never seen before.

Our nephew Blake and his wife Julie live in Montrose and we went to their house for dinner Wednesday. We had a great visit.

The view from their back yard is amazing.

They have a great garden with flowers, fruit and vegetables.

There is a bald eagle nest on Blake and Julie's property and one of the eagles--probably a juvenile--is seen often. We spotted it while we were there and John caught a picture of it.

Time with family is why we come to Colorado each summer.

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