Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Can't Believe We Had Never Been Here

Before leaving Silt, we visited Rifle Falls State Park, located about 25 miles from our campground. What a great find! We are amazed we had never tried to go there before. There are 3 waterfalls in the rushing waters of East Rifle Creek. Technically, there is one fall that splits into 3 as it comes over the limestone cliff.

We were able to hike up close to the falls.

And even go behind them.

The falling water has also carved out caves in the cliff.

And it washed away part of this hillside but this tree is tenaciously hanging on.

I saw this tree as we were walking in the area. I think all those nodules on the trunks may be burls. If so, I would have loved to bring one back to Arizona and turn it into a bowl.

The trail led up above the falls and this was our view beyond the waterfalls.

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  1. Yes, it sure is a beautiful place , we hit it by mistake and loved it too