Sunday, April 02, 2017

End of Season Get-Togethers

Snowbirds flock together in southern climes where they form relationships during the winter months. Then comes Spring and everyone prepares to go their separate ways to locations north. That means we have to say goodbye to the winter friends. So there have been lots of social events in the past few weeks. First we met our friends Ron and Barbara at Sweet Tomatoes for lunch.  We might run into each other in Colorado this summer, but for sure we will get together for some hiking next winter.

"In our resort the "dead enders" had a party for their own groups and the "loopers." Those terms refer to the streets we live on.  One cul de sac is the dead end and the adjoining road loops around, returning to the entrance to the dead end.  Here is the line waiting to get something to eat.  We all bring dishes to share and the husband of one of the host couples grills some of the meat from his many hunting trips of the past year.  Yummy!

We even had Tommy G providing music for that party.

As you can see, there were a big bunch of us there.  Notice the small RV that closes off the open end of the dead end--and provides some shade.

Last week the women of the neighborhood gathered for a presentation on Norwex products.

Linda was the sales consultant who told us all about the chemical free cleaning products.  It was good most of the women were more into cleaning than I am.  She wouldn't make any money if everyone was like me.

The last gathering (at least as far as I know now) was the third annual April Fools Day brunch.  We all brought our favorite breakfast/brunch food and there were so many good things to eat.

That gathering ended with a cake for Jack's 65th (he said) birthday.

We understand that 88 sites in our resort were scheduled to check out Saturday. The flood is beginning. Already the local traffic is lighter. Our plans are to head out in two weeks, right after Easter. From what we understand, by July it will be pretty much a ghost town here. The quiet before all the snowbirds start returning in October. It's a great lifestyle. We get to enjoy the good weather year round and make friends in lots of places.

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