Monday, December 19, 2016

What Do You Call It?

If you are in the Phoenix-Mesa area of Arizona you call it either Recreational Shopping or a Swap Meet and it is held year-round on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In Fredericksburg we found Trade Days that is held the third weekend of every month. When we spent a winter in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas I think it was a flea market. Whatever you call it, it is a place where people set up booths to sell either new items or used. These places attract lots of shoppers.

At the Mesa Marketplace we see all new items for sale--plants, tools, clothing, decorative items. Several booths sell "As Seen on TV" goods. In Fredericksburg we saw some of the same lawn art and clothing. But there were lots of antiques and used items, as well.

The one name for these small markets that doesn't seem to fit is swap meet. I didn't see anybody willing to trade what I had to offer (other than cash) for what they had for sale.

Here is some of the yard art for sale.  Further down the same road we found another huge lot full of similar merchandise.

It seems you can use old bed springs to make lots of things.

Not sure if these items are for sale or we happened on a junk yard.

We both liked these two decorative trailers.

I thought Diana would enjoy all these rusty items.

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