Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve Worship

We spent some time on the internet, searching for an Episcopal Church where we could attend worship on Christmas Eve.  That isn't easy when we know nothing about any of them.  We did know we didn't want to be out late.  Not only do we go to sleep early, the traffic in San Antonio is awful so we knew we didn't want a service that ended about midnight. And I wasn't interested in a children's pageant during the service.

We really made a good choice in deciding to worship at St. Mark's in downtown.  It is a beautiful old building and the worship liturgy was wonderfully done.  The altar was decked with red roses, the widows each had 25 burning candles, the junior choir provided outstanding hymns, and the rector preached a good sermon.

The congregation is very friendly.  We were greeted in the parking lot, on the sidewalk outside the church and by people in the pew.  The man I was sitting next to, Gordon, filled us in on the history of the congregation and pointed out local traditions and practices.

We were blessed with inspiring and meaningful worship.  We aren't always sure what we will find in a new community but St. Mark's was a great choice.

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