Monday, December 05, 2016

Scenery Along I-10

Texas is HUGE, as anyone knows who has driven across the state. I don't think we are even half way across but the environment has changed several times.

This is what the countryside looked like around El Paso.

When we looked west across the Rio Grande River toward Mexico we saw this horrible pollution.  It was very cold and many people in Mexico use wood fires for heat.

Gradually the amount of vegetation increased.

It got thicker.

We saw this sign announcing that the town of Fort Stockton was ahead.

Then we saw the statue that is depicted in the sign.

Texas is rich in energy resources.  Of course there are lots of oil wells.  An oil field has recently been developed near Fort Stockton.

West Texas is also windy.  And the state is harnessing that resource as well.

It is fall in Texas, not winter like up north.  The oak trees on the hills are turning subtle colors of red and yellow.

The first two years we volunteered, we came to Texas and fell in love with the state. We are enjoying our month here.

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