Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Mother Road

We are traveling on I-40 which basically follows Route 66 from Los Angeles to Oklahoma City. From there, I-40 goes east to Nashville and Rt. 66 goes northeast to Chicago. You really can't forget your are on Route 66 if you venture into towns along the route. There are three museums about the road in Oklahoma, several in Illinois and more in other locations. In Flagstaff and Winslow, Albuquerque and Amarillo we see signs marking the old route through downtown area.

Wednesday we visited the Route 66 museum in Elk City, OK.

There were exhibits concerning transportation ranging from bicycles both with and without motors,

old Cadillacs


and airplanes.

With all this travel down the road came roadside attractions

diners and tourist courts

Of course, there were also RVs. I think we see units like this today, as well.

All those cars also help create the need for drive-in movies.

The dust bowl of the 1930s drove lots of mid-west farmers onto Route 66, headed for California with all their possessions loaded in their old trucks.

We really enjoyed the Elk City Route 66 museum. But I'm not sure we need to visit the other two here in Oklahoma.


  1. Really cool photos, looks like a neat place to check out!

  2. I think that's where Ron slid down the fire pole.

  3. I think that's where Ron slid down the fire pole.

  4. Probably so. There is one there and visitors can slide down it.