Sunday, May 08, 2016

Something New

We never park for the night in rest stops, truck stops or Walmart parking lots. We are always, and I mean always, hooked up to electricity. We don't boon dock in this 5th wheel and rarely in previous RVs we have owned. But this is where we are today.

We are parked behind the Flying J in Winslow. When we pulled into Homolovi State Park on Tuesday, one of the other campers reported hearing noise coming from one of the RV's wheels. As we pulled out today, headed for Gallup, New Mexico, I drove and John listened. Yes, there was definitely a noise coming from the rear street-side wheel. The closest place we could find was the Flying J just down the road. The service is handled by a Goodyear Tire shop on the same lot.

They are used to working on 18-wheel tractors and trailers, but they agreed to look at out Mobile Suites. When they pulled the tire, the brake caliper was just swinging free. The two bolts that hold it to the wheel (or axle, I'm not sure) was swinging free. Ooops!  They went to both auto parts stores in town and couldn't get the necessary bolts. Lippert, who supplied the axles, is closed till 8am EDT, of course. It's Sunday.

We dodged big trucks coming and going as we found a spot to park. This is the view out our back window.

This was the view out our side window--before the moving van pulled in next to us.

We went to the Denny's in Flying J for lunch. My quesadilla was good. John had a club sandwich. He is a person who always, always cleans his plate. This shows you what he thought of his sandwich and fries.

Tomorrow may be a long day. We will try to make it as good a day as we can.

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