Saturday, May 14, 2016

At Least it's Free

Well, we're waiting again, or still. The last part needed for our repair (everyone thought) was delivered Thursday. But the manager looked at it and said, no, that's not what we need. After several calls to the company that shipped the part by both me and the manager, he was finally able to email some photos to them and we learned that all the parts that have been sent this week are for a smaller brake assembly than we have!!!! By the time those two finally talked, it was too late to make a shipment that day. That means they--and we-- have to wait till Monday, meaning the parts will be shipped then and we are waiting till Tuesday for repairs.

You can probably imagine what was going through our heads at that time. We have been here since Sunday and it seems everyone, from Lippert to Shadow Trailers in California where Lippert ships parts to techs, shop supervisors and the shop manager have messed up at some point.

Today, we drove to Flagstaff to look around and have lunch. It is cooler in Flagstaff than here in Winslow. And tonight it has cooled down a little quicker than yesterday. The high Friday was 92, today I think it was 88. That is pretty hot when you don't have air conditioning.

The good news is, it is free to park here. I think we usually average about $30 a night when traveling. We will have 9 or 10 free nights. It is about as good as volunteering--at least financially.


  1. Oh, my goodness!!! Hope things get going for you soon. Just got caught up on you.

  2. What a letdown to receive yet another wrong part. At least you're getting good practice at boondocking, but it's a shame it's in a truck stop!