Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Does your GPS tell you that when you don't follow the prescribed route just right? We have had devices that say that out loud. Currently it just shows that on the screen. Today we are recalculating. When our brake hub was finally repaired in Winslow, we headed east to Rolling Retreats, a DRV dealer in Elk City, OK. As I wrote about earlier, we are having problems with the front landing leg on the RV. Since it was built by DRV in Howe, IN, and there aren't that many DRV dealers around the country, we decided to see if they could help us.

They were booked solid but we were told to come in and they would work us in. We arrived today and were told it would be next Tuesday before the shop had space to check out our issue.

We will be exploring western Oklahoma and cancelling a week of reservations at Cherry Creek State Park in the Denver area. We had booked two weeks there. We cancelled the first week because we were sitting in the Flying J parking lot in Winslow. Now we will cancel the second week.

I need to recalculate my attitude as well as our schedule. But we have found several interesting museums to visit here and we have a good Verizon broadband signal so we can work online. Glad we didn't have any really important events to attend.

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