Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Sights (not Ides) of March

March is the last month of the snowbird winter for many folks here in Arizona.  The weather is getting warmer and many people decide to begin their travels back to the north.  Never mind that there is a chance of snow today in both Denver, Colorado, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

During these last days of March it has been sunny and warm and many plants are blooming.  The ocotilla seems to have especially large blooms this year, even if we haven't had any rain since January.  Maybe a drip irrigation system it watering these plants.

Some large yucca plants produce tall flower stems.  Here are some buds. The photo below shows those buds opened, ready for pollination by birds and bees.

With all the warm weather, all sorts of interesting 2- and 3-wheeled vehicles are showing up.  Look at this two-seater.

The palo verde trees are in full bloom--beautiful until you have to clean up all the fallen flowers.

This great egret has been flying around the neighborhood the last couple of days. It's winter range includes southwestern Arizona and much of Mexico. It migrates through this area to it's summer range, mainly in the mid-west. Since the only water nearby is in in two golf course ponds, I imagine it will be leaving soon. But what a beautiful bird.

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