Sunday, April 03, 2016

Friends and Flowers

Thursday, we joined our friends Ron and Barbara for a hike on the Hieroglyphics Trail in the Superstition Mountains. Barbara's sister, Diana, also joined us. We have known Ron and Barbara for several years and have followed Diana's blog, Life on the Open Road, for even longer.

You certainly can tell these two women are sisters, can't you?

John caught the three women with their cameras in their hands.

There was this interesting saguaro--partly dead and partly thriving.

Early in the hike, we saw several saguaro cactus plants loaded with buds at the top. Wouldn't it be fun to be able to fly or levitate to where you could see the flowers when they bloom?

But what else were we looking at and taking pictures of? Flowers, of course. It is spring in the desert.

After the hike, we returned to Gold Canyon for lunch. We decided to visit the Cactus Deli in Superstition Views, where we live. Since it was cool and a little breezy, we thought it would be more comfortable inside than out, so we walked to our house to eat.

You can tell the food was good. We did a pretty fair job of cleaning our plates. March 31 was the final day of the season for the grill. It is closed over the summer. We're glad we could go there one more time.

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  1. It was wonderful to finally meet you guys. Great hike!