Friday, March 11, 2016

A Really Cool Addition

Wednesday, Zach from Arizona Breeze came to install retractable screens on all three of our outside doors into the house.

The screens are each on a roller. They have several colors including one that matches the color of the door on our house.

It took Zach less than two hours to install all three doors. If you look closely, you can see the screen on our front door. The inner door is closed. The screen reflects a little light on the upper portion.

Here you can see John closing the screen on our back door, where the door is open.

We really like to have more fresh air inside, especially as temperatures cool down in the evening. The hard part is remembering to check if the screen is open or closed when we are inside. I have already walked into it once--it just quickly snapped open. It is held in the open position by a magnet, so any pressure on the screen breaks that hold and it rolls back.  We are pleased with our purchase.

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