Friday, March 18, 2016

Desert Blooms

It has been an unseasonably warm end to winter here in the Phoenix valley. That means plants are blooming everywhere. Look at this Palo Verde tree with it's yellow flowers, plus the yellow flowering bush and lots of green vegetation.

The bougainvillea plants, which I don't think are native to this region, are profuse this spring. They may bloom all summer, I don't know. (We have never been here in the summer.) I know we see them when we arrive in October.

The cactus plants are also beginning to bloom. The first two photos below were taken earlier in the week on one of our walks around the neighborhood.

This photo was taken yesterday. I call this the Easter Lily Cactus, though I know it has a Latin name. Isn't is beautiful? Hopefully, some of these plants will still be blooming in a week when Easter comes.

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  1. I've never seen so many flowers on a single cactus. Just beautiful!