Monday, February 01, 2016

Nana and Papa are Proud

It is fun to be grandparents. You get all of the positives of children without having to deal with the negatives. We get to watch the sports and other activities without having to get the kids to the practices. We get to revel in the accomplishments without having to keep them on track day after day so they can make those accomplishments.

We always enjoy hearing about how well our two granddaughters in New Hampshire are doing in school. We enjoy hearing about the academic and sports achievements of our granddaughter and grandson in Colorado. Sometimes, we even get to watch them in their sports activities.

Over the weekend, Kylie in Colorado sent us a picture of a letter she had received, informing her she was named student of the month for January in science. That's impressive. Each month one student is given this honor in each subject offered at Heritage High School in Littleton. There are 1738 students at Heritage.

We are so proud of her. Kylie's dad teaches science in a nearby middle school. He must be doubly proud.

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