Thursday, January 28, 2016

In addition to time with our extended family during Cindy's birthday party, we had two great evenings with our son Eric and his wife Liz and our grandchildren Kylie and John. We had a lot of time with Liz and Kylie during December when we met them in Texas for the Junior National Swim Meet. It was good to spend time with Eric and John this time.

Saturday morning, John had a basketball game. He really enjoys the game but we hadn't seen him play for 3 or 4 years. Basketball is one of two sports he plays. He is also a swimmer. It was fun to watch his team of 5th graders. John has improved so much since we last watched him play.

Not only does he know how to play defense and watch to make sure he can pass the ball to his own team mate, not the opposing team, he also listens carefully when his coach talks to the team. And he alert when the other team heads for the basket.

Everyone spends time on their smart phones, don't they? Here Kylie is getting ready to meet her friends at a high school basketball game. A little later, John was looking at his phone, too. Don't doubt all the adults in the room did the same during the evening.

The family has two sweet, well behaved dogs. We especially enjoy Batman, the black lab. He is always looking for love. Ziggy and Batman like each other.

Liz and I always have a lot to talk about.

Somehow, we didn't get any photos of Eric either evening. We did photograph him at the Saturday party.

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