Friday, February 19, 2016

Wood Carving

The last event we took Cindy to see was the annual Mesa Woodcarving Show.  Again, she was able to see what grandparents do for fun during their winters in Arizona. Below are just a sampling of the many amazing projects on display.

Chip carving

Is this really carved out of wood?  Yes.

I believe this is a relief carving.  What amazing depth!

It is really hard to tell this is made of wood. 

This ferris wheel was made on a scroll saw.  Fantastic detail.

Cindy really liked caricature carvings, especially when they have a smile on their face.

Look at this cowgirl's grin.

There was a display of computer generated laser carving.

Sunday, our only outing was to church. Monday, Cindy flew back to Colorado with a promise to come back next winter. What will we do then?

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