Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We were busy every day while Cindy was here. Friday, we attended the Gourd Festival at the Pinal County Fairgrounds. Cindy had never seen gourds like this and she was fascinated. This sign at the entry was just the beginning.

The artists who work with gourds make an astonishing variety of items.  Large and small animals and people.

Beautiful paintings on larger gourds, sometimes with pine needles or other items woven into holes on the rim.

We even saw purses made from gourds.  Both Cindy and I thought that might not be a great idea.  They are hard and items inside would make noise.  Also, how durable are they?  Would they break?

Not all gourds are shaped like some sort of ball.  They also come in long, skinny shapes.  Here, they are make into cats.

These bearded fellows sort of remind me of Russian dolls that fit inside each other.  However, these don't come apart in the middle.

Often, it is hard to tell you are looking at gourds, after they are painted and decorated with beads and other items to give them texture.

We stopped at two food trucks. John and Cindy had very good pulled pork sandwiches. I enjoyed an Indian taco. It was a very good outing.


  1. THAT'S where we should have taken Ron's son!

  2. THAT'S where we should have taken Ron's son!